Thanks White Feminism… no, really, THANK YOU!

For all you male people attacking #whitefeminism in the midst of almost wholly male-led reactionary rightist movement (except for a single female in a minor cabinet role), created in the #Altright media with Donald Trump as a figurehead, which just happened to occur at the same time as Hillary Clinton’s failed bid for the office of President….

I wonder what your chances of being injured by your partner are?

I wonder how high your statistical chance is of being an only parent is?

I wonder how high your statistical chance of dying in poverty is?

I wonder how many times you put up with unwanted advances from a female while a work because your boss was also female?

I am glad all of those statistics are not worse than they are (for women of many ethnicities) – and here in the West that is thanks to people like Gloria Steinem, Emmeline Pankhurst and Emma Goldman –  women who fought for equal rights and had a vision of radical equality in their time. Thank goodness they did so so I can carry on the flag and am not a dependent sexual slave, beaten and knocked up perpetually! While many women  continue to be domestically abused, poor and work for mainly men it is not legal for them to simply kill us outright (in the US) anymore! Horray. With a woman at the helm of the world’s most powerful country for the first time ever, was there a chance those murder rates and poverty rates would go down even further? I like to think so.

Many of the best known early feminists in the West happened to be “white”,  and I sincerely hope other “white” women will not abandon the life-affirming and just cause of equal rights for the sexes, just because of their natural skin pigmentation. Moreover, I hope they can encourage and join in solidarity with women who do not have the same skin pigmentation.

Maybe if you anti-feminists on the left stop misdirecting your anger at fellow activists, and swallowing the propaganda Kool-aid  that kept everyone during the election from focussing on BORING OLD LEGISLATION, you can actually stop the legislated destruction of democracy by the right rather than getting more likes for trendily braying in the rightist echo chamber of anti-activism.

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