Honduras Tear Gas Illustration

I drew this drawing based upon the famous photograph by Kim Kyung-Hoon, a Reuters photojournalist last November of the honduran woman Maria Meza and her two daughters fleeing tear gas canisters shot at her by the US border.

tear gas v2

In the border patrol guard we see the mirror image of the gang member she is fleeing. This alludes to how illegal violence and government are teamed up, in some places through illegal collusion and in come cases through legal yet immoral use of force.  Are american politicans so different from gang members? Do moral people send people out to maim or threaten other people, in the context of taking political shots and making talking points?

Clearly this refugee is terrified for the future of her children.

Children in gangs in Honduras can be under the age of 16.

UN Human Rights expert Chaloka Beyani has spoken on children affected by gangs in Honduras. She said,  “Children are recruited by gangs and used to carry drugs or weapons or as ‘flags’ or lookouts. Parents feel that the only option to escape the influence and threats of gangs and crime is to leave their homes and eventually their country,”

It seems a cruel joke to have children so young being stolen and turned monsters, even if the monsters are twisted and cruel because an illicit economy demands it.

If you are a parent who loves your children, isn’t that exactly what you would do, too?






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