Dehumanizing Immigrants Sets Stage for Future Crimes Against US

This month cable news channels blasted Americans with pano shots of a Latin American “migrant caravan”, a.k.a. a group of human beings travelling to seek asylum in the US.

This story has stirred something very vile in many American hearts. For example, take a look at all the Trump supporters supporting Tijuanan anti-immigrant protests in the comments below this Vice News video:

Fake News Justifies Violence

Every time I see a Rightist campaigner saying “immigrants are bad. I want to punch them / shoot them / hurt them,”  or even just something comparably mild-mannered like  “they deserve to die by drowning or exposure”, I get  a sickening feeling that the West has moved the moral baseline towards “exterminating humans is okay”.

I have seen  violence against immigrants proposed as if it were “self defense” for people who feel threatened by immigrants living in the same country (oooo! scary), bearing national steriotypes like “violence” or “laziness,” daring to show their faces in public with naturally dark skin leading to “altering the cultural heritage of our country” (For you people, here’s a new word for you: Globalization. Say it with me.).

In a growing trend, immigrants are assigned completely made-up threatening qualities, for example: “Mexicans are criminals and rapists” (Donald Trump), or immigrants are swarming like insects (David Cameron). This falls in line with a favourite tactic of general nutjob of the first order,  Alex Jones, who believes elites are illuminati. See, no facts required.

Human Rights: Y/N?

Every politics geek has heard of the “Overton window”. “The Overton window, also known as the window of discourse, describes the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse. ”

In normalizing dehumanizing words and actions against immigrants, Republicans choose to destroy the hard-won acceptance of universal egalitarianism and human rights –  the only positive innovations of American democracy.

What have immigrants done to treat them as unhuman? Did Republicans (and others) have to call them bad people to properly enforce their own border laws? No, they didn’t

Why not discuss better and more humane laws? Some would even say it’s the US’s moral obligation, when US companies set up banana plantations and profit from Latin American misery every year?

If Rightists merely don’t want immigrants to come into the country, they can do this without stripping immigrants of their humanity, and while dealing with those at all stages in our immigration system in a humane way.  The way you should treat a stranger, a guest, an emmissary or a person who has just lost everything.

To treat them in such a reckless and hateful way is so unnecessary and harmful to society’s most fundamental values.

Our Future

Rightists know that dehumanizing immigrants is sowing future evil, that’s why anti-immigrant protesters wear shades in interviews.

They realize that someday, maybe even very soon, with inexorably lowering quantities of natural resources to share among a growing global population of humans,  it could easily be in the global elite, or a government’s, or even a corporation’s interest to have fewer of us.

Won’t it be so convenient for the ruling power,  not to need a reason to exterminate us, except for a threat they have made up?

On that day, the days we Westerners called our fellow humans “cockroaches”, justified excessive force, or allowed harm to come them in dire straits, will come back to haunt us.

LD50 Gallery hosts white nationalists in pathetic bid for noterity

The Dalston London art gallery, LD50, directed by a 35-year-old Spanish woman and former herbal-supplement-company owner named Lucia Diego, acted as a platform white nationalist art and speakers all last year.

Alt-right blogger Mark Citadel is one of the white male speakers, with  pretensions towards being a member of Victorian nobility, on a crusade to free white men psychologically enslaved by women and minorities.

The concepts of free speech, truth to power, white nationalism and misogyny are all strangely intertwined in his brain.

Those concepts are all in direct contradiction, as it is impossible to have a white nation without women or a white nation without oppressing the free speech and movement of non-whites, but let’s put that aside for a moment.

Reading through the frenzied scroll of Mark Citadel’s  stilted, 19th-century-styled writings, you may get the impression that what he says about minorities wielding secret power  is original just by virtue of being confrontational.

It’s not. Blaming minority conspiracy for government failure, in effusive language, has been done before. The Nazi party also did the same thing, falsely blaming jews for undermining a Government which became unpopular amid WWI chaos and painting them as heroin dealers.

But perhaps this is a good sign. White male resistance is a sign of progress towards a truly equal governance. The inevitable outcome of any egalitarian or democratic progress in the Western world, if you think about it.

Supposing democracy ever got more (or even was incorrectly perceived to be more) effective at representing marginalised or popular groups, the incumbent wealthy white male population would naturally protest.

The incorrect perception that black people and women were fairly represented in US politics was on the rise in the Obama years when visibility and the profile of black politicians  increased. Despite this, the number of black representatives in the house is less than in the general us population (10% in the house vs 16% of the US population) and in the Senate it’s worse with black representation at 1% of the Senate. Women are also underrepresented  in Congress, about 20% in each house despite comprising 50% of the population.  There is no evidence that minority interests are  advanced by government, especially as calls for stronger laws protecting against rape and police brutality against black people go unheeded.

So much for minorities secretly controlling the American government.


Given the  incoherent and poorly reasoned nature of the ideas presented by this gallery and its acolytes, it is apparent the events taking place at this gallery are all about appearances and the psychological desire for “otherness” rather than substance.

O.D. Untermesh put it perfectly in his article on the LD50 Gallery in Mute: “Take away the veneer of irony and you see only a few slimy individuals toying with repugnant ideas that most good artists would give no merit, even as illusory discourse.”

Diego Lucia’s art galley website is evidence of her reveling in the attention the recent controversial exhibitions have brought. It doesn’t matter that the attention is not really even directed at the art itself – because the emotional register of the artwork was by all accounts superficial – but at the gallery’s apparent utility as a neo-nazi meeting space.

The gallery is so keen on all this attention that it has idiosyncratically included a feed of  negative tweets about itself,  pathetically posting:

Daily updates – come back,  dont miss it !

In a blatant cry for attention, female nazi apologist Lucia Diego, is a hanger-on in the vanguard of the misogynistic “Alt-right All Boys Club” trying to gain a shred of notoriety in the indifferent art world, all while enjoying the privileges and protections of egalitarian liberal democracy that egalitarian women attained.

That these individuals are willing  do the equivalent of a silly tap-dance to the centuries-old tune of intolerance in hope someone will mistake if for a new smash hit just shows how low creative people will stoop to for fame.