Thanks White Feminism… no, really, THANK YOU!

For all you male people attacking #whitefeminism in the midst of almost wholly male-led reactionary rightist movement (except for a single female in a minor cabinet role), created in the #Altright media with Donald Trump as a figurehead, which just happened to occur at the same time as Hillary Clinton’s failed bid for the office of President….

I wonder what your chances of being injured by your partner are?

I wonder how high your statistical chance is of being an only parent is?

I wonder how high your statistical chance of dying in poverty is?

I wonder how many times you put up with unwanted advances from a female while a work because your boss was also female?

I am glad all of those statistics are not worse than they are (for women of many ethnicities) – and here in the West that is thanks to people like Gloria Steinem, Emmeline Pankhurst and Emma Goldman –  women who fought for equal rights and had a vision of radical equality in their time. Thank goodness they did so so I can carry on the flag and am not a dependent sexual slave, beaten and knocked up perpetually! While many women  continue to be domestically abused, poor and work for mainly men it is not legal for them to simply kill us outright (in the US) anymore! Horray. With a woman at the helm of the world’s most powerful country for the first time ever, was there a chance those murder rates and poverty rates would go down even further? I like to think so.

Many of the best known early feminists in the West happened to be “white”,  and I sincerely hope other “white” women will not abandon the life-affirming and just cause of equal rights for the sexes, just because of their natural skin pigmentation. Moreover, I hope they can encourage and join in solidarity with women who do not have the same skin pigmentation.

Maybe if you anti-feminists on the left stop misdirecting your anger at fellow activists, and swallowing the propaganda Kool-aid  that kept everyone during the election from focussing on BORING OLD LEGISLATION, you can actually stop the legislated destruction of democracy by the right rather than getting more likes for trendily braying in the rightist echo chamber of anti-activism.

Women should claim their right to kill when convenient, like men do

Being biologically female and doing something you want with your own reproductive organs that a politician hasn’t explicitly allowed can be risky for women.

In fact, many kinds of female reproductive activity are criminalised in the the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, plus all the other places that don’t allow prostitution. 

Even in the US, the introduction of “feticide laws” imprisions women for being unhealthy, sucidal, or drug addicted while pregnant.

Here is a video describing this wholesale rollback on women’s reproductive rights, and a petition to stop it.

Whether it’s a law against premarital or extramarital sex, exonerating rape, child, or forced marriage (aka rape), transferring property ownership to husbands (forced prostitution), barring breastfeeding in public, penalising female decisions to give birth or not give birth, women are required to donate their internal organs to public laws.

It’s a crime in the US to kill a fetus, a sign of the times affected by increasing poverty and political division.  Why don’t women have a ‘FTW I’ll do what I want and kill whomever’ bandwagon like pro-war, pro-gun and IS fanatics?

In cases our own government considers a situation  life-threatening, or a licence to kill has been issued, it rather frequently exonerates murderers within its ranks.

 If you can rationalise executions for example within the realm of self-defense, targeted killing by drones, policing, preventative war, revolution, or euthanasia, and you can allow IVF and surrogacy which kills foetuses, and especially capital punishment, then human life has a definitive price, and that is the convenience of a capitalist society.

According to the laws of capitalism, women should miscarry if they think it’s the easiest, most moral, cheapest or most fun thing. There is no moral absolute.

Women just haven’t the guts to take a voice and stance equivalent to the raging insanity of men who openly lobby for policies permissive of types of murder everywhere – and get their way.

On the flip side, if voluntary miscarriage is not to be legal, we should make ejaculating illegal because of all the unborn potential children in sperm.

Respect for women who want ‘casual sex’

If you’re a man who seeks out people just for sex, you’re looked at as possibly having too much self confidence or being selfish.

On the other hand, if you’re a woman who does the exact same thing,  you are viewed as someone who has no self respect.

Why the difference?

Monogamy is deemed respectable in society as it is what is viewed as benefitting a stable system of governance by men, promoting stability and equity among men, first and foremost. Our perspective is that of male authority figures.

Told by government that society treats them all as equal, men decry  a man who monopolizes more than his fair share of women, or they may smugly congratulate him, if he is their friend and can share hordes of women.

Similarly, if you are a woman and you want to pursue and have indiscriminate sex with men, you are an even greater destabilising influence on equality between men. Not only will you disturb the equity among men in access to women by, if there are a group of you, gravitating towards the most attractive men, but even the most attractive man will loose some of the control they have over you as a woman, as he can look forward to the possibility of ‘sharing’.

This is because if sexual satisfaction is a woman’s aim rather than monogamy, circumstances may arise where more women will openly chase after fewer men, a prospect many men secretly fear.  Women who are not monogamous and do not reproduce might act like men: uncontrollable and competitive in the realm of sex. These man-like women may behave differently towards men, may in fact be asexual, or they could be nymphomaniacs, as they won’t be weaned on a lifestyle of being pleasing for men like girls and women today. Many of the most young and fertile women will be shrewd and out of reach. They might choose to be ugly, successful in business, so they can be rich and buy male prostitutes.

In any case the entire ritual of sex risks becoming one in which women have a lot more control, and that could lead to other types of control.

This is why, in our narratives of fiction and policy, largely controlled by men, women practicing ‘casual sex’ lose respectable status, especially in the eyes of men.

There are harsh consequences of laws touching women especially who have casual sex for example,  children may be not provided health, care or education by the state placing an undue burden on single parents, women’s sexual health care is accessible, not paid for or is poorly distributed. At worst women are not allowed access to abortions, not allowed birth control, or whatever other pains men in government can inflict upon this offensively destabilising female sexual freedom.

Socialisation in early life

Most women are taught not be be sexually assertive. In early life, girls find their chastity and beauty are idealised. Female privilege goes along with that, wrapped in promises of happy marriage, gifts, leisure, self-indulgence, work-free lifestyle and other forms of sexual entitlement that females are bought with. Chastity is part of the price of that gift, and women sacrifice their sexual assertiveness.  Women who ‘sleep around’ may think they have forfeited all that female privilege, that they are ‘loose women’ who ‘have no self respect.’

The ingrained psychology of shame may haunt women who ‘sleep around’ despite the newfound anonymity of the internet. It is now easier than ever for women to escape a loss of social status among her peers when seeking casual sex.

Sexual assertiveness in women is something that can be very rewarding, as women often learn in later in life.  One day the sense of shame may vanish and women will wonder why they were ever tricked into thinking casual sex would degrade them to society.

Men and women also have other very valid reasons to be monogamous apart from social status:  health, children or a preference for work or other activities. But hopefully this is a helpful explanation of why dating is different for men and women.